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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Un-Charted Music News My Heart Extends Its Gratitude

I had the pleasure of writing a guest peice for Un-Charted Music News This Monday.

Its an amazing little blog, With stats that put my own to shame!

If you follow my blog for the music then You'll love what writer Joe Mayo has to offer.

Check it out HERE!

Friday, August 5, 2011

An Urban Explorers Dream And A Girl With A Camera

About month or so ago it was brought to my attention by a Fox News Story That the abandoned New Orleans Six Flags, has become an urban explorers play ground. Since then I've dremed of roaming through the ghostly amusement park. Unfortunatley I have not recieved that chance (Though I've yet to give up) but in the mean time, I've discovered someone who has.

[Megan of Megan Something Photography]

When I came across Megan Something Photography's Band Promos featuring my rusted wonderland, I knew she was someone worth featuring. So check her out and show her photos some love! [PS - Her Prices Are Wonderful Also]

[Megan Shoots Band Dodging Catherine in the Abandoned Six Flags]

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Comedy of Another Kind [Steve Anderson is Outta This World]

If you aren't following Steve Anderson On Twitter?

Dr. Laxx Will Find You And Will Be On You Like A Lacross Playing Jason So Do It.

[PS If You Dont Know Who Dr. Laxx Is, That Means You Haven't Subscribed To Steve's YouTube Page Check Him Out Here! Steve Anderson Is An Absolutely Hilarious Comedian With A Great You Tube Channel And I Wanna Give Him A Leg Up]

Not Your Regular "Monday" Blues [Monday Valentines]

" We are Monday Valentines and we're here to make you feel good and junk!" Was the status posted on Kentwood's Indie/Rock 'n' Roll Band, Monday Valentines' FaceBook. I have to say I can't disagree. With many strides taken since I last covered them Here, in March. A recent show at The Cypress Venue in Metairie proved to be successful, with a loudly positive response from fans. I was unfortunately not able to attend and greatly regretted it. Most excitedly they've finally recorded, and not to disappoint the new song "Something More" does in fact "Make you feel good and junk" but don't just take my word for it, give if a listen Here and when you love it (Because you will) go ahead and download it because this song is a must for any play list.

So lets make our way over to their FaceBook and give Monday Valentines some praise and while you're at it don't forget a fist bump for their lovely manager, The Brilliant Katie Allen.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Breaking The Chains In Our Small Town Cave [The Fallen Whistles]

Imagine, being a child, stolen away from your family by strangers in the night. You're dropped into a hole among 300 other boys, not one of you is over 15. There you sit for up to 20 hours a day stagnating in your own excrement. The four hours you're let out are filled with abuse and fire arm training, until you are once again thrown into your own filth.

This is the reality children in the Congo are living day to day.

The imagery is heart wrenching on its own, but the true horror lies with the ones too small to handle a gun. In their tiny, children hands they are given nothing more than a whistle and then marched to the front of a line. Their purpose? To make enough noise to draw the enemy's attention and then with their small, innocent, little bodies, to receive the first line of fire.
They are the whistle blowers and this is their story.

Luckily Efforts Are Being Made To Advocate and Rehabilitate Those Affected By The War. I Challenge You To Explore More of This Heart Breaking Story Here.

Pass On The Story, Raise Awareness, And I'll Be Up To Date On Ways To Get Involved Locally Soon.

Its A Pretty Day Outside For Satan

[107 Degrees. That is Unreal]

Well, my last summer as a child has begun to end. In less than a week and a half I will be moving into the Miller Mansion at LSU. As the summer winds to an end I can say one thing and one thing alone, It is Hot. Tiffany, DJ, and I sat down outside for a summer lunch on a sunny day. Needless to say when we realised we were going to be visiting for awhile we relocated to the sweet nirvana of air conditioning. One complaint that cant be made was that it wasnt worth it, We had a lovely evening and ended up emmeressed in four hours of pure conversation. I hope that my last few days can be so sweet.

Suprise Surprise Our Dear Tiffany Is Now Representing In The Auburn Club With Her Best Friend. With Plans To Visit New Orleans and One More Good Trip Down Town, We Wont Fail To Bring You More Adventures Befor The Summer Ends.

Hopefully Tiffany Wont Be The Only One Im Reporting On Adventures With. DJ and I Have Plans To Visit The Planeterium Once School Starts. Im Proud To Say Ive Finally Found Someone Who Can Banter In Compleat Perfection With Me. The Phrase "Talk Nerdy To Me" Has Been Used. Oh Yes, I Am A Happy Camper.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Free Stranger Stranger Downloads! This Weekend Only!

Stranger Stranger Have Free Downloads From Now Until Sunday Morning. After That You'll Have To Wait To Hear Them On CD.

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